COVID-19 update

In line with the current Victorian Government announcements, our programs and services will remain closed until further notice. We will continue to provide updates when available. Please stay safe.

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Swimming Lessons Are Back!

We’re excited to be returning our swimming lesson program!

Our COVID-safe practices and lesson plans ensure we can provide the safest program possible for our staff and swimmers. See below further information around the restarting of swimming lessons.

COVID-19 contact tracing

To ensure we are complying with the government’s contact tracing legislation, we’re implementing a process where all responsible parents/guardians of swimming lesson members will be required to complete check in via the Victorian Governments QR code system. We will have multiple posters with the code available for when you arrive at the centre, simply scan the code and follow the link to fill out your details and check in.

Current Students:

Please ensure all adults accompanying students have completed the QR code check in each time you attend to maintain contact tracing requirements.

Students will also need to scan their membership wristband/card upon arrival, if you have misplaced yours please request a new one at reception.

If you need any assistance finding your class, or you have questions please speak to one of Teacher’s In Charge on pool deck during lesson times.

Membership benefits:

Make sure you take full advantage of all your membership benefits, including complimentary access to the pool outside of lesson times, and make-up lesson available throughout the year.

Please be mindful that our pools do still have capacity limits in line with government restrictions, and space is dependent on availability.

Returning to Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions for Students & Parents

We’re pleased to announce that we will be restarting all our swimming lessons from Friday 25/06/21. Here’s a few key facts you need to know about coming back to lessons after the May/June lockdown

What restrictions are in place for your pools & lessons?

  • One accompanying parent/adult per child or family where possible
  • Free play before or after lessons will be subject to availability to ensure we maintain capacity limits
  • Change rooms are open with strict density limits. We advise you come prepared in bathers ready for you class

Do I need to rebook my class?

No, all student bookings are the same as before the latest lockdown. Your class level, day, and time are unchanged.

Have I been charged for missed lessons?

All students were placed on suspension for duration of the lockdown, with no fees for cancelled classes. Families were charged on May 20th for the period May 20th – June 2nd. As May 28th – June 2nd lessons were cancelled the fees associated for this period will be used to cover the period of Friday 25th June – Wednesday 30th June.

When will my next payment be? How much will I be charged?

The next scheduled direct debit is Thursday July 1st. Please note price update that comes into effect from 1 July as per previous communications.

I’m not ready to come back yet, can I stay on suspension?

No further suspension for swimming lessons is available unless for medical reasons. All swimming lessons students will be automatically reactivated from 25/06/21. If you do not wish to return straight away we advise you to make use of your make up lessons – terms and conditions

Can we use the pool outside of swimming lessons?

Yes, swimming lessons students will have access to the pool outside of lesson times for play and practise. Please note we are still subject to capacity limits so there may be times when space in unavailable. Watch Around Water Policy applies.

What other services will be re-opening?

For more information on what other services are currently operating please view our COVID-19 Updates

For more information see our Swimming Lessons FAQ page

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  • Watch Around Water

    At YMCA Victoria we are a Watch Around Water endorsed aquatic safety organisation. The following information is the new watch around water policy launched in centre from 1 September 2019.

    Watch Around Water is a set of industry guidelines outlining the minimum supervision requirements of young children at all affiliated aquatic venues.

  • Children under 5 years old

    All Children MUST be accompanied into the Centre by a person over the age of 18 and supervised within arms’ reach, at all times in the water.

    All children MUST wear a yellow wristband supplied by YMCA staff to help identify their age while swimming.

    Children will not be admitted without a full fee paying parent/guardian who must also be in the water at all times. Groups will not be admitted entry where the number of parents/guardians supervising a group of children under 5 years exceeds the ratio of 1:2 (effective September 1 2019).

  • Children under 10 years old

    All Children under the age of 10 MUST be accompanied into the Centre by a person over the age of 18. All children MUST be actively supervised by an adult over the age of 18 at all times. The adult must have a clear and active view of the child with no physical or structural barriers between them (this includes tech and devices).

    All children MUST wear a red wristband supplied by YMCA staff to help identify their age while swimming. Groups will not be admitted entry where the number of parents/guardians supervising a group of children under 10 years exceeds the ratio of 1:4.

  • Birthday parties

    All children under the age of 10 MUST be accompanied into the Centre by a person over the age of 18 and handed over to the supervision of the birthday party leader (staff member).

    All birthday party participants must wear a blue wristband plus an age based yellow or red wristband. Children under five wear yellow, and children under ten wear red to identify their participation in a party (effective August 1 2021).

    The adult guardian of the birthday party child MUST remain accessible and actively supervise the group at all times.

    At the conclusion of the birthday party the child/ren will remain in the supervision of the birthday party leader and supervising parent until physically handed over to their supervising parent/guardian.

  • Visit the watch around water website
    For more information visit the Watch Around Water website