Our child care program is open to members and casual visitors seeking care for their children.

Children are supervised by qualified carers in a dedicated interactive space equipped with games and toys. We provide children with the opportunity to socialise in a family/multi-age setting, where they can explore new experiences in a stimulating and caring environment. We welcome children from 8 weeks old.

We offer two styles of care in our centre: Sessional Care and Occasional Care.

  • Sessional Carefor parents and carers who are planning to stay within the centre while their child is in care.
  • Occasional Care: for parents and carers who would like to pursue activities outside the centre while their child is in care.

So whether you’re attending a weekly group fitness class or have an offsite appointment, we have care options to meet your needs.

See the enrolment information below or sign in here to book a session. View the child care prices on our prices page. 

  • Session information

    Types of care

    We offer two styles of care: sessional care and occasional care.

    • Sessional care: for parents and carers who are planning to stay within the centre while their child is in care.
    • Occasional care: for parents and carers who would like to pursue activities outside the centre while their child is in care.

    Bookings are a minimum of 1.5 hours for both types styles of child care.

    Educator-to-child ratios

    1:4 for infants under three years

    1:11 for children over three years 

    Session times

    Tuesday and Wednesday

    • Session 1: 9:00am – 10:30am
    • Session 2: 10:45am – 12:15pm

    Monday, Thursday and Friday

    • Session 1: 9:00 – 10:30am

    Operating hours

    Monday - Friday: 9:00am – 10:30am

    Tuesday and Wednesday (only additional session): 10:45am – 12:15pm

    Weekends: Closed

    Public Holidays: Closed

    We may close for up to 4 weeks over the Christmas period.


    Cancellation of a childcare booking must be made by 9:00pm prior to the day of care required otherwise a session absent fee will apply.  
    Cancellations may be made via:

    • The My Family Lounge parent portal or App
    • Calling reception or the childcare care service during operating hours
  • Enrolment

    New families

    To enrol each child in our child care service, you need to register with My Family Lounge.

    Click here to download enrolment instructions

    Families already registered with My Family Lounge

    You can only book in during the registration period.

    • Sign in to the My Family Lounge website
    • Select the child care service/s you wish to enrol your child in
    • Complete enrolment form, upload immunisation history statement, upload any relevant medical action plans
    • Select which day/ days you want to enrol in
    • Create booking

  • What to bring
    Bring all the things your child will need during their care. Please ensure all items are clearly labelled with your child's name. If your child is on medication, please hand this directly to staff when you arrive.

    Infants and toddlers

    • Bottle (with expressed milk, pre-made formula or cow's milk as required)
    • Healthy snack or lunch
    • Water bottle or sippy cup
    • Dummy in sealed container, if required
    • Nappies, wipes and plastic bags
    • Change of clothes
    • Sun-safe hat - we recommend the legionnaire style (brim at the front, flap at the back)
    • Comfort item (soft toy or blanket), if required
    • Sleeping sheet set or blanket for nap time, if required

    Older children

    • Healthy snack or lunch
    • Water bottle
    • Change of clothes (some types of play may be messy)
    • Extra pairs of underwear, especially if toilet training
    • Sun-safe hat

    Do NOT bring

    • Fizzy drinks, lollies or chocolates - unless specifically requested for a special celebration
    • Nuts or Nutella - we have a nut-free policy to avoid anaphylaxis
    • Toys - unless they are comfort items. If you bring toys, we'll remove them and give them to you when you collect your child
    • Pets - unless pre-arranged with the Childrens Services Coordinator

    Guidelines for child care

    Help us run a safe and welcoming child care service by following our guidelines:

    • Please do not bring your child to the creche if they are unwell
    • Please label all belongings
    • Please ensure all supplies are provided for your child, i.e. nappies, change of clothes if necessary, healthy snacks and drinks.
    • Please sign in and out
    • Children's services regulations limit the number of children we can accommodate in our child care facility at any one time. Please arrive and depart according to your booked session.

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